Ghost Dollhouse

Multi-media Interactive Animatronic Display, 3′ x 2′ x 2′, 2018

This was a project for my Vist 270 class. The idea was that I find some Raspberry PI project and go that, except take it a step further and make it my own.

I chose a relatively simple program that used the Raspberry Pi as a server to run an HTML page with buttons that could tell a GPIO board what to do, like turn on a light.
I took it a step further by creating an entire interactive experience with my old childhood dollhouse. I hooked up lights, fans, and speakers with the GPIO. The idea was that a voice recording was going to guide the audience through “game” like a ghost giving a tour. There were a few interactions planned like the ghost asking someone to open a window and if they did, a fan would turn on that blew papers around the little room.

Code to be Uploaded later

Author: Grace