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A Very Disturbing Dream

I had a dream where the world was ending. The moon was falling toward the earth, and there was a spaceship. My family was already on the ship (we won a lottery I think) and I needed to get to the launch pad before liftoff. My mom was texting me, trying to keep in touch. I was in a hurry. There was an accident of some sort, and I was stuck in a time loop, driving the same stretch of road over and over again. A police officer helped me, and a veterinarian fixed my injuries at one point — that part’s fuzzy. There was also a part where I pulled off the road into a renaissance festival-like situation. I suspect the people were ghosts knowing that they would be destroyed along with the planet. Eventually, I did something different. Not sure what. I either drove backward or committed suicide by allowing/antagonizing a ghost to cause me to combust spontaneously. I died, but I got out of the loop. I got to the gates of the launch site. There was a panicked mob at the gates, and I was the only one with a car. I considered driving through the people but didn’t. People were mad at me, trying to get the car open.

The ship launched.

I watched the trail of fire and felt the pressure wave. Everything got very quiet. The crowd silenced. The last thing I remember before I woke up was a text from my mom.

Where are you?


This happened May 31st. After I woke, I knew where the subconsious inspiration for the dream came from. I was recently watching some gameplay from the Youtuber, Markiplier. One game was Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive (Mark’s gameplay here)by Scriptwelder, the other was Spime by Suits n’Nukes (gameplay). The first game was an apololyptic survival point and click game. The moon is shattered and hanging low in sky, getting closer each day. Spime is a much simpler game, where the main character is constantly looping through a seemingly infinte time loop in a small diner.

It did give me an idea for a book though, not about the moon or time loops though. The ghost part made me think. How would supernatural elements, like old gods, ghosts, and spirits handle an apocolyspe they have nothing to do with, especially a sci-fi apocalypse. What if they were to be destroyed along with everything else and humanity was to run away to the stars?

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