2018 felt very very long, and there are other on social media who seem to agree with me. I’m not sure where the silly notion came from. All I know is that my cat scratching my contact lens out happened on January 1, 2018, but as I think about it, it feels long ago, like an undefined number of years ago. Distant as distant can be. It really doesn’t feel like 2019 has really taken hold. And yet, I can correctly date official documents already. In 2018, I was still writing “2017” everywhere until late February. Regardless of the laws of reality, it is fun to jump on the bandwagon and agree with this “2018 was one huge freaking time warp” thing. I realize most of it is people feeding off of it, but I can’t deny that 2018 really does feel unnaturally long and twisted. I’m bad at remembering timelines and basic events as it is. Time is strange to me and it’s possible that my memory just isn’t great

(To be continued…)

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