I adopted a couple of ghosts. I went to an antique store downtown and found a few old photos and daguerreotypes. So fascinating. I felt a little guilty taking them when there were dozens in the collection. It was like I was separating a family of strangers. I couldn’t reasonably buy them all so I chose my favorites. These are two of the six I bought. I love the stories you can imagine when looking at these. Look at that little girl’s eyes. She’s not happy about having her photo taken while the mother (or older sister) looks likes she’s trying not to laugh at whatever the girl just did. Then there’s the grandma gripping the girl’s hand. “Demon eyes,” some of my friends said. My favorite response was when a friend in class was as artistically excited as I was (“they’d make great painting references”) and called them ghosts.I wish I could remember his exact words but he said “love” and “ghosts.” I think he said “Someone’s got to love these ghosts” and it made me very happy to hear.

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